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Computer Basics & Microsoft Word

Registration is open for Computer Basics & Microsoft Word.  Register now for our next session.  Still not sure what skill level you would fall into?  Click above to begin the assessment.  It's free.

Computer Basics & Beginner Word
  • Open a document to begin creating something

  • Typing text on a page

  • Formatting text to change the appearance, size, color, etc.

  • Copy, paste, cut text from one place or document to another

  • Arrange text in a bulleted or numbered list format

  • Arranging text in one or more columns on a page

  • Insert image on a page with text and arrange in different ways

  • Change the layout of a document to accommodate the information on the page

  • Open an existing document to revise and reformat text that was previously typed

  • How to undo a mistake immediately after making it

  • Check and correct the spelling of a document

  • Preview a document to see how it will look when it is printed

  • Print a document after it is complete

Intermediate Word
  • Insert a header, footer and page numbers to your document

  • Track changes made to a doc by multiple people

  • Using the Review Pane

  • Create a calendar in a Word doc

  • Create a fillable form or table in a Word doc

  • Open an existing document and change or correct something throughout an entire document

  • Use tabs to create a menu, an event program, booklet or a chart with multiple columns of data

  • Insert a watermark

  • Create a colored background

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