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Welcome to the Free Digital Literacy Assessment

After you click the button below to begin the assessment, you will see this Assessment Page. You MUST take the assessment on a laptop or computer - not a cell phone or tablet. Use a mouse to complete the assessment.  Headphones are optional if you want to have privacy. Please read all instructions below before beginning. After reading these instructions, click the bar below to begin. 


1)   When you click the bar to begin, you will enter your name and e-mail address then begin the assessment. You

      will see this page. When you do, please click the green button that says "Take An Assessment"

Free Digital Skills Self-Assessment

2)  Once you click "Take An Assessment" you will see the section below to choose an assessment. Select the

     Basic Computer Skills module first unless you are not a beginner. You will hear music first to tell you that your

     computer is ready for the assessment. Watch the orientation video first and then begin your assessment. Take

     your time. We do not expect you to pass the assessment. This will simply let us know where to begin so that

     you get the most from your instruction.

Free skills self-assessment

3)   After you submit your Basic Computer Skills Assessment, you may complete a different assessment if you wish.

      Do not be concerned if you get a low score. You will see that score change very quickly with instruction. Once

      you submit your responses to the assessment questions, you will immediately receive your score. Save your

      results page as a PDF or take a pic with your phone so that you can send it to us later. If you need assistance

      with this step, we are happy to help.   

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