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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for adult communities being left behind by the digital divide.

Our Vision

We envision inclusive, thriving communities where residents, families and businesses are competent in the use of technology in their personal lives and careers.

Our Values

Above all, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our instructional, recruiting, hiring and governance practices. This commitment drives our mission and these five core values guide all that we do:

  • Excellence
    Excellence is our standard. We provide personal instruction to each of our students as we emphasize attention to detail, persistence and collaboration. This allows us to actively pursue high quality instruction, create a supportive organizational culture and engage in meaningful personal interaction. We welcome anxiety, frustration, and even tears as a natural part of the learning process. We consider our students friends and family.
  • Accountability
    • We create educational material that is current and reflects what is commonly used in real life / work situations. Students are exposed to authentic and relevant learning experiences so they are able to do their best work and meet high workplace standards. • Collaboration and learning together is our focus. We welcome feedback and use it to inform current and future programming. We support one another and grow together through mutual openness and restorative problem-solving. • In order to inspire trust, we take account of the strengths and needs of our staff and students in order to foster a safe, empowering learning environment.
  • Transparency
    We candidly share stories and knowledge with clarity to foster collaboration and openness. We keep open channels of communication about our near and long term goals and the health and direction of the organization.
  • Integrity
    Our staff, board members and other volunteers are invested in our mission and core values as we navigate in a quickly evolving digital world. We strive to grow in what we do in order to gain the confidence and respect of everyone we work with—students, volunteers and partners. We take our promise seriously to help students achieve their goals to become competent in the use of technology and confident to incorporate it into their daily work and personal lives.
  • Partnership
    • We believe that collaboration is a great source of education and see our relationships with our students and partners as opportunities for co-learning and professional development. This deepens our understanding and connection to community needs and makes us stronger. • We partner with other nonprofit organizations and local businesses to effectively identify gaps and close the digital divide.

How We've Helped Improve Lives

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I took the class and I

finally stopped crying. I'm very glad I did.  So is my boss.

— Joiclyn 

Three months ago I didn't even know what PowerPoint was. Now I can help at church.   

— Joselyn

I'm grateful for a second chance to learn valuable work skills despite past mistakes. 

—- Chad

Interested in becoming a Volunteer?   Please start by completing this Volunteer Interest Form

Considering becoming a Board Member?   Begin here by completing our Board Candidate Application and a team member will contact you soon.  We are always pleased to hear from new board candidates.  Non-minority persons are encouraged to apply.

Is there a Partnership Opportunity to discuss?  Please click here to send us a message.  A team member will contact you to schedule a time for a meeting.


Thank you for your interest in supporting digital literacy!

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