​​About Us

We are a 501-C3 Nonprofit organization serving Solano and the surrounding area. We offer adult computer classes and digital skills instruction to help people reach personal and employment development goals. Helping to ensure equal access, digital inclusion and technical skills-building means greater economic prosperity in Solano County and communities everywhere. Digital citizens engage their families, stimulate their communities, and contribute to their local economy.

We provide instruction to adults of all ages - recent graduates, retired seniors and everyone in between. This could be helping new adults prepare for college and/or employment, helping someone become more marketable and get a good-paying job for the first time, or helping our senior adults access resources and stay connected to loved ones.  Helping people to understand and use technology so they can change and improve their lives - that's what we do.


Instruction is customized and targeted for those at the beginner and intermediate level with emphasis on Computer Basics, Introduction to Zoom, Internet and E-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Participants learn to embrace technology, pursue education and career opportunities and learn how easy, fun and beneficial it is to incorporate technology into everyday work and personal life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for adult communities being let behind by the digital divide.

Diversity and Values Statement

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our recruiting, hiring, instruction and governance practices.  In this spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion, five core values guide all that we do without regard to race, adult age, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, religion or any other form of social diversity. These core values are:  

  • accountability

  • excellence

  • integrity

  • partnerships

  • transparency

Our Vision

We envision inclusive, thriving communities where residents, families and businesses are competent in the use of technology in their personal lives and careers.

Belief & Philosophy

Just as one cannot read without first learning the alphabet, one also cannot function effectively in the digital age without basic computer technology and digital literacy skills. These are the ABCs of the 21st Century.

 Computer and Digital Literacy Skills Are the ABCs of the 21st Century
Do you know your ABCs? ​