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Microsoft PowerPoint Classes

Registration is open for Beginner and Intermediate PowerPoint.  Register now for our next session.  Still not sure what skill level you would fall into?  Click above to begin the assessment.  It's free.

Beginner PowerPoint
  • Creating a new blank slide deck

  • Inserting and deleting slides

  • Adding and editing text on your slides

  • Centering and formatting text

  • Increasing a list level

  • Navigating through your slide deck

  • Changing slide views and rearranging slides

  • Hiding slides

  • Inserting a table onto your slide

  • Inserting and moving objects

  • Inserting notes on your slides

  • Saving your slide deck with specific names and locations

  • Printing an outline view of your slide deck

  • Running a slide show of your deck

Intermediate PowerPoint
  • Formatting font styles

  • Applying a theme to your slide deck

  • Changing theme colors

  • Adjusting character spacing

  • Changing slide layout

  • Inserting pictures to slides

  • Adding transitions

  • Customizing slide numbers

  • Inserting charts, changing chart style and legend

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