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Microsoft Excel Classes

Registration is open for Beginner and Intermediate Excel.  Register now for our next 6-week session.

Still not sure what skill level you would fall into?  Click above to begin the assessment.  It's free.

Beginner Excel
  • Opening a new Workbook

  • Inserting rows and columns

  • Changing font styles, size, color

  • Entering data into cells

  • Formatting cells as currency or other numeric options

  • Aligning text within cells

  • Selecting a range of cells

  • Copying and pasting cell contents

  • Saving a Workbook with a specific name and location

  • Inserting multiple worksheets into an existing workbook

  • Changing margins and page orientation

  • Printing a worksheet

Intermediate Excel
  • SUM function to automatically calculate a range of cells

  • Creating simple formulas

  • Creating cell borders

  • Renaming a Worksheet

  • Inserting columns

  • Changing column width and

  • Changing row height

  • Creating a variety of charts with cell data

  • Wrapping text with cells

  • Sorting cell data

  • Creating headers and footers

  • Using spell check

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