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Email & Internet Basics Classes

Registration is open for Email & Internet Basics.  Register now for our next 6-week session.

Still not sure what skill level you would fall into?  Click above to begin the assessment.  It's free.

Beginner Email Basics (G-mail)
  • Creating and managing your G-Mail Account 

  • Navigating your email inbox 

  • Composing, replying and forwarding email to multiple parties 

  • How to customize your email signature  

  • How to send and receive email attachments 

  • How to identify spam and other unsafe emails 

  • Understanding e-mail etiquette

Beginner Internet Basics
  • How to use the internet safely 

  • How to recognize a secure website for doing business 

  • Understanding the language of the internet 

  • Recognize and choose internet browsers 

  • How to find and use videos on the internet 

  • Understanding domain names 

  • Identify when a website is not secure for doing business online

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